who wants to be a millionaire

When it comes to quiz reviews I always feel like I’m making peanut butter sandwiches, everyone likes them but they are boring. When researching how to do the jeopardy game that was used and introduced to me in last year’s IDP I found a great website – Super Teachers Tools (www.superteachertools.net). One of the tools that I found useful was similar to Jeopardy but without the chaos and Superteachertools showed me “who wants to be a millionaire”. Not all but certainly most of my quizzes are “multiple-choice” so this game was a great opportunity to change up the way I present Quiz Preps.

I find that the Pros of the game are:

  • that students actually look forward to play it
  • I think they actually do better on the quizzes because of them wanting to be the best at the game
  • Ease of linking to the game to Blackboard

The Cons of the game are:

  • Set up can take time because there is no copy format from say the subject text’s Test Bank to the game program
  • We do it as an individual game and I wish we could somehow do it in groups or even as a class – but I’m working on that.

In summary this is an excellent tool and I look forward to using it more of my classes, but remember it is a multiple choice format only so it could be used in Trades and Nursing but maybe difficult to incorporate for the calculating or formula based courses




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